Legendary Wars iPhone Game Review

Legendary Wars by Liv Games is a strategy/tower defense game similar to Plants vs Zombies. While there are some zombies in Legendary Wars, the primary theme is fantasy, so don’t worry about being bombarded by yet another zombie game.

In this game, you control an army of mythical creatures, including elves, unicorns and phoenixes. You battle monsters such as vampires, gargoyles and even dragons. Each level starts off with you summoning your miners, or Mineys, who retrieve gems so you can summon your troops. Each troop requires a different number of gems, so use them wisely in order to summon the most powerful troops. The levels vary between defensive (defend the castle), offensive (take down the enemy castle), sidescrolling, and even protect-the-hero missions. This prevents the game from getting stale, and keeps you playing through all four difficulty levels. There are even bonus games, such as endless mode, the dairy farm (featuring knife-wielding mad cows) and the arena, where you can earn extra Gems and Moonstones, the in-game currency. Moonstones ufabet เว็บตรงทางเข้า มือถือ are rare but necessary for buying upgrades. The game keeps you playing by dangling those Moonstones like a carrot just out of reach.

They’re rare, but enough can be obtained without in-app purchases if you explore every aspect of the game.

What really makes Legendary Wars stand out are the gorgeous 2D graphics. Each character has several upgrades which make them look even more majestic than the last. The animations are equally as impressive, from the rainbow-shooting unicorns to the flame-throwing phoenixes. Everything is polished and it is obvious a lot of love went into this game.

The story is your typical save-the-world cheesy adventure of an unlikely band of heroes taking on the bad guys. But the story and dialogue is tongue-in-cheek and it doesn’t take itself too seriously. The charming characters make it hard to resist, even though it does feel a bit cliche.

If there’s anything to complain about, it would be the long loading screens between levels and menus. But Liv Games updates the game regularly and are always working to improve the loading times. It’s also easy to overlook this small annoyance when the game is otherwise near-perfect.