Boxing the Puerto Rican Way – Get to Know Sixto Escobar

For such countless years, boxing has stayed as one of Puerto Rican’s #1 games. Puerto Rico is known to create word class fighters; one of them is Sixto Escobar, who was the main title holder fighter from this country.

At the early age of 17, Sixto Escobar began his boxing profession. It was the point at which he got his very first titles attempt against Jose Rosales for the Venezuelan Bantamweight title. In 1936, Escobar got his greatest break in boxing and set the Puerto Rican banner in history when he crushed Mexican Child Casanova in a confining match Montreal. That was the initial occasion when Koh Samui Muay Thai Puerto Rico created a title holder fighter. There could have been no other Puerto Rican title holder fighter again not until 30 years after the fact.

Sixto Escobar won multiple times in Bantamweight division. Despite the fact that he lost his title to Harry Jeffra and Lou Salica, he had the option to recuperate his titles. Overcoming an extreme Mexican fighter Indian Quintana made Escobar considerably more well known; making one more history when he prevailed with regards to wining the world title session by a knockout during the main round.

After he resigned from boxing, he moved to New York City with this family. He turned into a representative for lager and alcohol organizations. Eventually, he returned to Puerto Rico and fought with diabetes who ended his life at 66 years old. After his passing, Escobar left a mark on the world again for being the main fighter to have a sculpture raised for his honor. Said sculpture was implicit his old neighborhood in Barceloneta. Nonetheless, in 2003 the regional government chose to cut down the sculpture to give way to a recreation area.

With every one of the achievements that Escobar has made, he was viewed as a public legend in Puerto Rico. He was dealt with like a big name in his nation and had a blissful outlook on it.